A crafty, nommy, occassionally geeky blog-thing.


Hey there! You’ve found the personal blog-thing of @punkin3_14, a 40-something crafty-geek.

I don’t always remember I have a blog, but when I do, I blather about things I make. And things I cook.

I can occasionally be found at kwartzlab

I’ve also been known to take photos. I read a lot. And listen to music.

You may note that this blog doesn’t accept comments. That is because this blog is entirely static.1 But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from you! You can reach me on twitter or pop me an email at punkin at mag3 dot 14159 dot ca.

  1. I spend a depressing amount of time each month looking at other people’s hacked CMSes. I’m really happy to not spend my “off time” looking at my own hacked CMS. Or reviewing trending exploits and security patches.