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Croissant, Take 2

Take 1 (not pictured) was following DiMuzio’s instructions for laminated dough, in Bread Baking: An Artisan’s Perspective, and resulted in a gorgeous pâte feuilletée (puff pastry), which was flaky as all get out, but not fluffy in the slightest.

Take 2

was following an Instructable, which promised easy and fast croissants, by skipping all of the (long, boring) steps which develop flavour. And lo, it worked — we have something which looks somewhat croissant-like, and tastes like enriched, buttery white bread. Huzzah.

Comparing the two formulas, I’m still not clear on what went wrong with DiMuzio’s version. One of those frustrating moments when yeast just doesn’t do its thing.

Take 1 Take 2
Flour 100% 100%
Milk 52% 13.7%
Water 10% 51.8%
Sugar 10%
Butter 4% 1.6%
Salt 2.6% 1.3%
Yeast 1% 0.68%

Next up: fermentation, and making these moar better good!