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BBA Challenge: Cinnamon (C)Raison Bagels

Are adequately nommy.

First time making flavoured bagels. These are the same as Peter Reinhardt’s plain bagels, but with a bit more yeast, plus added sugar, cinnamon, and raisins. I used dried cranberries, and real cinnamon (which I am beyond in love with).

The dough came out stiffer than usual, though I didn’t notice until it was too late. So the bagels are extra rustic in shape.

I only fermented the dough for 1 night (instead of the 2+ days I normally give plain bagels); the sweeter dough is more forgiving of that, but would still be improved by a longer ferment.

Also, I lost track of time while boiling some of them (to the tune of >5 minutes). Yet, not overly chewy. Whew.

TB might bring some in to the office tomorry. If he remembers =P