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Pickled Green Beans Are Tasty

Occasionally, though only very occasionally, my good intentions manifest in to good deeds.

We like pickles. If its green and its vegetal, we’re happiest when its soaked in vinegar or brine. Cukes, asparagus, green beans, sprouts, cabbage, nom. And every year, I buy a quart or two of veggies, full of hope & good intentions, let them sit in the fridge for a month or so, and then add them to the compost heap. Its a harvest-season ritual, Chez Here.

But no more!

At the end of July, when beans started showing up in the markets, I purchased bunches and bunches. I purchased new jars (because shiny new is more inspiring than the boxes of dusty jars in the basement). I purchased dill. And 3 weeks later, I tossed it all.

But I still wanted pickles — home-made pickles — by gum! So I purchased another bunch, and sent TB off for a weekend of musical debauchery so I could have the house to myself for 4 full days! And boy-o-boy did I pickle!

I might be overstating this, actually. 5 jars to show for the effort, but they are pickles, and they are home-made, and they are ‘licious.

There are a bajillion-gillion recipes for pickled beans on the intertubes, but most of them amount to the same:

  • clean & trim beans to fit your jars
  • trial-cram beans in to the jar, to determine how many jars you need
  • remove beans, sanitize & heat jars & lids
  • put seasonings in each jar (a clove of garlic minces, a bit of crushed red pepper flakes, some fresh dill)
  • refill jars with beans
  • fill jars with a hot 50/50 mixture of water & vinegar (white or cider) & a bit of dissolved pickling salt
  • process in a hot water bath for ~10 minutes
  • put up for ~3 weeks before opening

Its been 3 weeks, and the first jar is opened! Serious noms. Serious garlic. Not as much crunch as we would like.

So how do people get crisper pickles? That’s tomorrow’s post! ((‘Cause I haven’t done any research yet.))