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Sorrel Pesto

Several years ago, my MiL gave us a couple of sorrel plants. This was during the jungle-days, and we planted them around the (moderately accessible) side of the house, by the wild strawberries. Then, we promptly forgot about them.

Since then, we’ve begun taming the backyard, and now grow many tasty thing, but none of it around the side of the house; the sorrel has remained firmly off of our radar.

Last week, D&E had us over for dinner. The experiment of the evening was a soup, featuring this leafy thing they’ve had growing in their garden for years, but had never actually harvested: sorrel! The soup was Spring — crisp and tangy and green tasting. Chicken broth, shelled peas, parsley, sorrel and onion. I was tempted to add some grated parm or pecorino. Rice, and you could make a meal of it.

So we talked about the sparkly, tastiness of sorrel, and what a shame that it gets no love. Around here, anyway. And I thought: don’t I have some sorrel, buried somewhere about the side of the house? And shouldn’t I be relishing every citrusy bit of it?

Two plants were found in the grass, all ready bolting. But the leaves weren’t bitter, and I’ve made soup, and I’ve made salad, and now I’m looking for ways to preserve what’s left.


Found a recipe for Sorrel Pesto, which featured some parsley as well, walnuts and parm. I can’t find it now, natch, but pesto is pesto. Who really needs a recipe? Here’s what I had to throw in:

  • ~2 packed cups sorrel, spines removed
  • ~ 1/3 cup grated Grana Padano
  • 2 handfuls chopped walnuts
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • enough olive oil to make it all messy

Process the heck out of it, and freeze. Is such yumminess.