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iPhone Tales: Mail

While the iPhone is over 20 types of happiness (and that should be spelled ZOMGBBQ!!one!), teeny-tiny discontent pops up here and there. First up: Mail woes.

We get IMAP. We get SSL. We get support for multiple accounts. These are all necessary, but not so much sufficient T_T

We do not get folder subscriptions (which is to say, one is subscribed to ALL folders, no cherry picking allowed). Apparently you can work around this by setting up your subscriptions on the desktop, and then syncing that account over to the iPhone. Which would still be dandy, if only supported folder subscriptions. C’mon, Dear Leader!

We do not get to set a custom reply-to address. My original plan was to have procmail do the cherry picking for me, copying interesting messages over to an iPhone spool. But that’s no good if people started replying directly to the iPhone address >_<

We do not get GnuPG. This isn’t much of a surprise (as Apple has yet to roll it in to OS X), but at least on the desktop there are sufficient work-arounds. Please give us extensibility.

Predictive typing is the sux0r. Apple, please do NOT default to replacing my text. Evah. The option is nice, but I’ll opt each time I want it.

Why no screen rotating in Mail? Landscape view gives us a zoomed keypad — the better to type with greasy, pudgy fingers.

How about letting me choose whether I want my reply (and sig) to appear above or below quoted text. I get that handheld emails are the soul of brevity; still, me likes to keep that conversational flow.

All that said, using the iPhone for email does not piss me off, which is all ready a huge improvement over TB’s crackberry ((I fully recognize that this is my own deficiency. But if a gadget can’t compensate for your own personal problems, what good is it?)).