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MacUpdate Promo Bundle

I’m a sucker for software bundles.

MacHeist leaves me weak in the knees. Utterly. MacUpdate lacks intrigue, the spy versus spy titillation, but in a pinch, in a desperate moment, it will do.

I’ve all ready got, and thoroughly depend upon, Hazel.

I’ve also all ready got, and never ever use ((anymore)), MenuCalendarClock.

I’m a full version number behind on Parallels, while I’ve been loathe to give them money again so soon, bumping up to 3 would be dandy.

[Leap] has been calling to me. Singing, really.

Sound Studio & DVDRemaster Pro, while not specifically compelling, hint that they may prove indispensable once I give them a try.

Oddly, WhatSize is what’s won me over. I’m forever du’ing trees of folders, and the promise of pie charts cannot be turned down.