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Its More Fun When Its Geeky

Sun shines, birds sing, and girls gotta bike. We’ve gone for a couple of wee tootles around town, but the first real bike ride was on Sunday.

My goal was to see if I could make it to dad’s without collapsing in a stinky heap in his driveway. TB’s plan was to get me thoroughly lost, and see if I ever noticed we were not heading towards dad’s. Both sides reported success!

Its a 10Km ride to dad’s, ~15Km the way TB took us, and surprisingly doable. My success was entirely Edgar’s fault, and should in no way suggest that I am in any sort of shape. Whoever devised a derailer with 21 gears is a genius, and I will gladly lick their feet. Whoever thought of shifting the pedals up and forward just a bit is welcome to give me babies.

We also brought along the GPS, in small part to help navigate the labyrinth that is Dad’s neighbourhood, in large part to capture geeky track data regarding speed, altitude, and route taken. TomTom1 will export all of the gory details in a format which can be opened directly in Google Earth. Oh, be still my heart.

Lastly: the incredible foolishness of the outing is that we left at 11:30. Its been summer for a couple weeks now, but the brain is slow to get in to gear. No hat, no water, no sun screen. We had to stop halfway there for some cool refreshing liquids, again halfway back for some gelato2, and we returned feeling flushed, woozy and, uh woozy. Fleetingly, I thought I might be coming down with something, and had a nap. Later, sitting on balcony, glowing rosy in the dusk light, the full implication of being red and warm to touch suddenly dawned on me.

  1. With the help of Eventlogger.

  2. Hazelnut.