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Picked out Hex Hat as being both a (1) ‘loc friendly, and (2) easy-peasy pudding and pie pattern for crotch-et number 2.

The pattern has a difficulty rating of “just a wee bit”, which should have a footnote.1 The only trick, really, is in the reading, nay, the comprehending of patterns.

3chain, tr2cl into ring (counts as tr3cl) then (2ch, tr3cl into ring) 5 times

Only took me about 7 tried to work out both what a (tr|US-dc) is, and what clustering them should actually look like. Of course, now knowing, those 7 attempts feel slightly, uh, stupid. Of course that’s what’s meant.

I want to do the hat in Lion Brand Home Spun mainly because I have enough of it, and also a bit because I dig the colour for a hat. This may be a mistake, both for the hat and for me2. Before I attempt that, I’m doing a trial run of the hexagon granny squares with some smooth and easy to work with microfibre shtuff.

Have pictures of how its going (and HHF’s approval of the progress), but no camera cable. So there =P

  1. If you know what you’re doing.

  2. Second project and what.