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Macbook EFI Firmware Can Bite My Lily White....

There is a list of things which we shouldn’t do while drinking. Shopping on eBay. Calling the ex. And, apparently, running Software Update.

I had actually forgotten that I had started it, until I rebooted this morning. Sitting in the V-Dub waiting room, staring quizzically at the Mac OS X Setup Assistant which filled my screen.


I completed that assistant 8 times while waiting for Justin to finish my oil change. And each time it completed, I would be booted back to the login screen, only to begin the process again. Poking about the Apple menu, I was able to take a peek in the Recent Items to find the little bastard: “MacBook EFI Firmware Update”.

Did I do that?

I vaguely remember updating QuickTime last night. And iTunes. And I distinctly remember that there were 4 items in the Software Update list, when I clicked OK. Presumably, all 4 were set to go, and I sure don’t remember what the other 2 were.


Its been 6H 0 months since my last install.