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My Scrambled Eggs Kick Ass

My scrambled eggs kick ass. ((Ass-kicking-ness has no baring on photogenics, natch.)) I’m just saying.

Admittedly, the credit goes to Bittman, who teaches us, above all, patience:

Sunday morning, you may think you want scrambled eggs, and you may think you want them now, but you are so wrong. What you really want is scrambled eggs in about 40 minutes. Cooked as slowly as possible, with just a wee bit of heavy cream (1 tablespoon for every 2/5 eggs), these eggs are decadent, almost custard-like in their creaminess, and they make all other eggs want to leave town and change their names.

When you add some white truffle oil and sautéed pancetta, it just gets better.