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No Sheep for Ewe!

Truly, I kinda suck.

Having completely missed the beginning of the No Sheep Skein Swap, I’m now racking my brain to come up with some sort of sheep/no-sheep/anti-sheep themed lagniappe. and I’ve got nothing ;_;

Shimmery and fey veggie-fibred skein ready to go.

Note card written.

Goofy little sheep drawing perfected, complete with lopsided crossed out circle.

And nary a clever nor whimsicle visual bit to throw in. But I want to get this mailed today, before we head to the lake. With customs being what they are, it could take 2 weeks for the package just to cross the water ^^;

So, downstream pal, please forgive the off-themed goodie ^.~

And I really hope you like the skein!