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A Room of Guestness

With esteemed houseguest arriving so very soon, there’s been a flurry of activity chez nous. Not productive activity, by the gauge of it, but flurry nonetheless.

The house remains a fright — its barely up to the standards of our furrykins, never mind actual people. The yard is still 2/3 jungle, and the guest-room-to-be? Well, its still to be, is the problem.

I started painting it a week before Valentine’s Day. The walls were quick going. A medium slate grey, which did look oh-so-very-very, well, drab and grey once done. The problem, of course, is the stippled walls, which take the drama and glamour out of everything. The ceiling, being a ceiling, was a bit of a strain, but after a couple of days, it found its lovely grey-purpley self. “Opera House”, though I can’t imagine way.

And there, things floundered. It turned out nothing like I had expected (you caught the “drab”, yes?), and enthusiasm for the project quickly waned. The original plan had been to do a study of greys, some light, some dark, nice and contrasty monochromatic joy. But that big drab medium really did suck the life out of you when you entered the room.

So I avoided the room.

But! Esteemed houseguest is arriving so very very soon, and two weekends ago, I hauled out the whip.

The obvious thing missing so far, was no contrast. Original plan called for dark in the trim, and I picked up a quart of something-something, which is a gorgeous very dark grey which manages to not be even remotely black. Here, happiness begins. The trim around the doors and the window looks fabulous, if I may say so myself. Dark floorboards tie in very nicely with the distressed floor, which are also much darker where the two meet.

But its all still a bit, well, flat.

That is, until I did the unthinkable. Stencils. A William Morris-esque repeating pattern, to be precise, all over the trim. Here, I’m still experimenting, undecided whether I prefer silver on dark grey or black on dark grey. But both lighten up the room immeasurably, adding interest and not a little whimsy to all the grey!

And it all makes the doors look horrible. The doors are original to the house, and have been painted over (with varying skill) at a dozen times or more. Painted over enough that they’ve lost much of their detail, and the surface is a gunky, bubbles mess. They should be stripped and completely refinished. They certainly cannot be painted over again, as they are. Yet, I am lazy, and esteemed houseguest is arriving very very very soon. The idea comes to me, as I’m sitting in the room, watching the would-be curtain drift in front of the door. Wrap it in fabric!

And so, bit by bit, it comes together. No pictures yet, as the Boy-o has taken the camera with him to Sudbury. But here’s a scan of the fabric for the door.