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Ugh summer. Ugh heat. Ugh so soon.

We wilt, the cats & I, with occasional downward movements. The floor is cooler. The floor is still. The floor is shade, in the afternoons.

And while we turn inward, decreasing sticky surface area, outside the irises are EXPLODING! Purple-purple-purple-blue! Deceiving, cool colours. But so much of them.

The violets, like us droopy indoor plants, have had enough of this heat. No more flowers, they give over to the weeds. Fleetingly, I think of all the candied petals I still haven’t made. Violet jellies. Violet cakes. Violets gone.

The basil forgives my early spring exuberance, and comes back to bushy thriving. Frost? What’s that?

Tomatoes, parched as the cats but less apt to do something about it. I should probably put some water out for them. I mean on them.

Poppies! Spiky, thrivy things, poppies. Go poppies.

To make the heat exotic, and therefore worth enduring, I picked up some Indian things. Left-over smoked chicken becomes a curried chutney chicken salad, with the application of the mysterious “curry” powder, some Major Grey’s chutney, pineapple, lemon juice, green onion, grainy dijon and home made mayonnaise. Next time, I’ll use some crunchy green mango instead of the pineapple. But yum nonetheless.