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  • okinomiyaki: tastes the same, regardless of what you put in it; yummers with mayonnaise!; the secret ingredient is… Special K?!
  • shabu shabu: kimuchi nabe, actually, spicy enough to make your ears bleed, and oh so very good.
  • kaiseki: Mr. Bourdain got it right: “No experience is more guaranteed to make you feel like a nine-hundred pound ape than a kaseiki dinner for which you were inadequately briefed.” Our excuse? We thought we were going to the other Tsukasas. You know, the French fusion place =P
  • yakitori: straight from the 7-11 =D
  • strawberry sandwiches: vanilla pudding finds its place in the sun — as a condiment!
  • tamago: actually delish when prepared by someone who knows what he’s doing!