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Time Keeps on Ticking... Into the Future.

  • 20/04/06 04:59:10 PM HADT
  • Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska
  • Alt: 113000m

Flying West is an odd thing. Push ourselves 37000ft into the air, and then hold as still as possible while the earth rotates below us. The sun barely wavers, and every so many degrees, the current (local) time flashes on the screen to show our success. Minutes pass, feeling like hours. Its an excruciating, bright business, flying West in the middle of the day.

On the other hand, meals are still included (a rarity for Air Canada any more), featuring smoked salmon (and Styrofoam ramen), and the beer is free if infrequent.

We’re approaching the date line, and I’m puzzling over the idea that its not always midnight here. But that that’s probably just the recycled air talking. Nonetheless, eyes glued to the screen, to see what will happen to the time.

By the time we land in Narita, we will have been up for 21 hours. From there, its through customs, to the cell phone rental, and then the train station. Another few hours (from whenever the train leaves) to Tatebyashi. So the rational thing to do would be to sleep, a bit, now, while there’s a plane to carry us. You can guess how likely that is.