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5 Flakes in the Air; 50 Flakes on the Road

As L says.

Me, driving out:

C left his laptop at L&R’s the other night. Life being what it sometimes is, I’m not able to retrieve it until yesterday evening. Its the first real snow of the season. First snow fall makes me feel Canadian. Its Christmas-longing. Snow drifting in the headlights is like drinking port, wrapped in wool, in front of a fireplace we don’t have. Its the Peter Smith Quartet, eggnog, and having company in. Because, baby, its cold outside.

Everything good and exciting about childhood; what adulthood should be like.




Me, driving back:

15km/hr from Milton to Cambridge. A two hour trip turned three and a half. What’s this dreary, soul-sucking feeling? So familiar, so distant…. Oh yes.


Commuting during the first snow of the season.

When Canadians forget how to drive.