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Figs are in season!

Well, not around here, but somewhere. Boxes of the imported yummies are beginning to line the fruit aisle at our local grocery, and I’ve never been one to resist any sort of temptation.

That said, the allure of fresh figs doesn’t entirely compensate for the fact that they are a decidedly UN-Canadian fruit, and who really knows what to do with them? Sure, newtons are good. But don’t fresh lovelies deserve something a little more regal, a little less processed. Likewise, jam seems to miss the mark.

Clotilde to the rescue, with a Fig and Mozzarella sandwich that’s had me salivating since reading.

Actually, that’s a bit of a lie. I came across the recipe before figs even appeared in the market, and have been waiting (im)patiently ever since.

We made a couple minor changes to the sandwich, but hardly enough to matter:

  • Instead of buns, our sandwiches were opened face (less bread to compete with the flavours, and there’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth directly into gooey melted cheese) on some of City Cafe’s famous sourdough bread.
  • We added a slice of proscuitto to each sandwich, to balance out the sweet & creamy

Other than that, its all hers, and we happily give thanks — I mean credit =D These sandwiches fall into that best category of easy to make yet unusually tasty. I want to make them for everyone.

Of course, 2 little sandwiches hardly puts a dent in the box of figs. We’ll probably freeze a few of them, but I’m not yet finished with the fresh fig kick. Up next: manga, figs and chicken salad.