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Case-modding for the Rest of Us =)~

Maybe I can’t sculpt, route or injection mold. But (contrary to recent assertions) I can out cut-and-paste any junior-kindergartener this side of the 49th. And its with these skills a-shining, that I’ve cutted and pasted (with a little grommit-hammering and laces lacing on the side) a fuschia-dyed suede corset onto peanut, my wee little Acer TravelMate hand-me-down.

Two hours ago, peanut was awkward and shy, in her cracked plastic and missing face plate. But now she’s all tarted up, and ready to hit the local clubs.

Er, just as soon I can get my hot little mits on a wpa_supplicant supported wireless card.

::le sigh::

Pictures… ha! Just put the digicam through the washin machine, so I woulda’ have to take pictures of anything every again!