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We're Right Behind You, Only Further Back

XB is six pound of angry, gurgling perfection, and possibly the most tiny thing I’ve ever seen.

I bring zucchini and sourdough breads, strawberries, soups, & casseroles, so his mamma can have one less thing to worry about.

Did I mention he’s perfect? Snuggly, and warm, covered in soft down, so you never want to let go.

In other news.

“You might have a headache when you get back,” they said.

Ha! I breathe smog! Two weeks of fresh Northern air is what gives me headaches =P

Quadra was beautiful, remote and wild. Crazy huge spruce reaching above to make us feel tiny, inhospitable roads, and beaches which require an adventure to get there. I like places where the cell phones don’t always work, the blackberry never, everyone still talks about when they might be able to get broadband. (Okay, not so much the last one). I love the stinging salt air (though it could sting more), fresh seafood waiting for eager hands (even if no one seems to eat it), and the Pacific peaking out in every direction.

But no, we’re not moving out any time soon.

Small town dynamics is the claustrophobic thing. :(