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The One With All the Maps

The day looks something like this:

  • 0400EDT: Humphries Limousine Service will be escorting our tender early morning selves to Pearson’s, where we will pass the time as unconsciously as possible, until
  • 0700EDT: a snazzy 767, courtesy of Air Canada, will hurl us through the air and in the general direction of the Pacific Ocean
  • 0857PDT: we’ll fall to the ground, in a hopefully controlled manner, rested, refreshed, and ready to take on the Vancouver Public Transit System, that Great Bringer of Us to the Horsehoe Bay Ferry Terminal
  • an hour or two later-ish, there’ll be an exciting boat ride towards the Nanaimo Harbour Ferry Terminal, home of tasty confection, where C’s father will be waiting for us
  • an hour and a half later will find us on the road, heading up towards Campbell River
  • a couple hours later, and the slightly less exciting (read: much shorter) boat ride across the river to ::da da dum:: Quadra Island
  • vacation will commence.