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OTOH, Happier Thoughts

We made a thai soup last night which was terribly scrumptious, but more importantly could be stripped down to a cheap, easy, and still terribly scrumptious lunch.

Imagine, if you will, a can of coconut milk, brought to a boil. Add in a little garlic, and a little lemon grass, and a little more fish sauce. A few minutes for those flavours to mellow, and then some bird’s eye chile (those tiny green or red thai chiles) minced if you like it hotter, whole if you like it less so. And some lime juice. Sprinkle with some green onion (or coriander, if it doesn’t taste soapy to you ;), and that is it.

This makes me extremely happy, because lunch is invariably the meal I don’t know what to do about. I get sick of sandwiches so quickly, and most canned pasta or soup tastes bleah. When tomatoes’s are in season, there’s gazpacho, but what about the other 10 months?!

Happy #2: got carded at the Wine Rack last night =D

Happy #3: also got a new broad-and-cushy-gel-filled bicycle seat for my little boy bike. Its currently set up as a stationary (so I can ride something during the slushy winter, wimp I =P) but the seat is hard and narrow, and my butt says “no!”. The sales clerk assures me this particular seat is the most comfy seat he has ever seen, and it only cost $60. Am I complaining? heck no!