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Never Wait for the Translation

Its not news any more, though it is still heart break. Who isn’t talking about John Peel? Memories of tucked under the covers, short wave turned on, for the bragging rights of first in the school yard to hear… Joy Division? The Smiths? The Undertones? Even Sisters.

Okay. I certainly wasn’t listening to Radio 1 in the day. But I did religiously search out Peel Session cassettes, with nary a clue where the name came from (‘I don’t know, its some BBC thing…’), never mind who the man was.

Obituaries are good for that, apparently.

And realizing that all the bands who got me through school become known almost entirely through the efforts of one DJ, and that until last Tuesday he was still around lighting fires for new talent, is still an odd thought to consider.

More importantly, the Beeb aired a tribute on Radio 1, in Peel’s regular timeslot, featuring (audience request) tracks from Peel Sessions. Listen to it. Its good, though it might break your heart, just a little.

It’ll also be up in the jukebox, shortly. Just as soon as I get around to encoding ^_–;

If you poke around, you can also still find the previous two Peel Show episodes (from last week). They don’t feature Peel himself—he was on vacation—but guest DJs are Siouxsie Sioux and Robert Smith. So hurrah, there, for a little nostalgia.

…hardly knew ya, yeah?