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Hates the Blind Stitch

Its such a lovely idea, invisible hems and such. I even bought a “blind stitch” foot, which is not unlike an overlocking foot. Except the guide is adjustable, and sits slightly above the baseline of the foot, so that while feeding appropriately folded fabric through the machine, the bottom-most layer slides under the guide, while the fold slides against the guide. Then, in theory, most of the stitching will be caught only by that bottom-most layer, while every fourth or fifth or some such tiny stitch will catch the folded fabric as well. The fold, of course, is where your hem. Offset.

Lovely idea, that.

Except somehow my fabric never feeds through quite right. It looks like everything’s catching as it should be as I sew, but when I go back and check, the stitch on the fold has always just missed*. And I adjust, and I go slower, and it still just misses.

Anyway, I found a “skirt in progress”, amongst packed stuff. This one goes back just over a year. Its a very soft, very fuzzy wool, in black, purple, and pink streaks. Actually, I suspect its just black and pink, but they blend so much that it ends up looking mottled purple. Scrumptious.

I had cut out pieces for a mandarin style skirt, ankle-length, pencil straight, with slits on either side.

And then promptly forgot about it. I no longer have the pattern itself, or the instructions on how to make the skirt. Holding it against me, its a good 5 inches too long. Dart marks had not been chalked in, but from the cut, they are desperately needed.

So this evening, I dusted it off, fudged some darts (not half badly, for once), and sewed one side up.

It looks just awful as a long skirt. All that fuzz. Hacking it off just below the knee looks rather sharp (wool is meant for suits, isn’t it?). I moved the slit up, finished with a straight stitch that almost disappears into the deep pile (see above >_<), and now I just need to get a zipper so that I can finish the other side and hem the durned thing.

This is the first real sewing on the new machine (mending doesn’t count =P), and generally I’m pleased. I keep running into bobbin issues, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s my fault or the machines. If I don’t manually catch the bobbin thread before running the pedal, things jam up horribly. That one’s my fault. But other times, it just jams in the middle of sewing. Maybe three times an hour. Since I haven’t come across that particular complaint for the machine before, and I don’t really know what I’m doing =P I’m reasonably certain that’s me as well.