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Fun With Graphs

The National Data Buoy Center has graphed various weather conditions over the past 5 days, from data provided by a buoy stationed by Dauphin Island. Can you spot Ivan?

I’m particularly amazed by the dip in water temperature. 8 degrees Fahrenheit in 2 days in the freaking gulf o.O;;

Of course, still no word yet. No one knows when they’ll be allowed back on the island. There’s been idle speculation about worst cases. Not the when, but the what they’ll find. The west end is narrow enough, precarious enough, that some people say maybe it just won’t be there anymore. Or if it is, it may not be attached to the east end anymore.

Of course, Grandpa’s place is about as far west as you can get.

But I also think if that was the case, we’d have heard something. With 25 people still on the island (good old Patronas ^^), someone would have said something if the landscape had changed so much.

Gratuitous graphics lay ahead