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Ivan the Terrible

Still waiting as news trickles in. Online news is that the west-end started flooding on Tuesday, with 6 foot swells hitting the shore; a good 36 hours before Ivan hit the mainland. As it went past the island, windspeeds reached 102mph. ::gulp::

CNN, one notes, has a heart-stopping photo of the causeway:

Joe Bastardi says this:

This situation is grievous, no doubt about that. These barrier islands, some of these… the way these look on this picture, will be history after this. They’re going to be overwhelmed, some of them. Dauphin Island, Alabama, and some of these places are going to be permanently rearranged.

The big problem in Mobile, a surge coming in out of the south— see how the bay is shaped like a funnel— is the water has no place to go at the north end of the bay, and it’s raining and the water’s coming down the rivers. You are really going to get a tremendous amount of water build-up in there because of the storm in there and also we’re probably going to see wind gusts of 120 to 130 miles per hour in Mobile and 120 in Pensacola and 175 miles per hour inland. And here’s Pensacola here and they’re in bad shape, too. Not as bad as mobile, but bad nonetheless. This is the area where the devastating storm may occur. ”

From the Mobile Register:

Ginger Simpson, town clerk for Dauphin Island, said she talked to a woman who stayed on the island who reported 2 feet of water come into her house. Simpson said the woman told her the water took her mind off the sound of the wind.”

The official news from the island, as of noon today:

DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. — Alabama Department of Transportation, Mobile County Sheriff’s Department personnel and county workers spent about three hours Thursday clearing Hurricane Ivan debris from the roadway leading to the Dauphin Island bridge.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Christina Bowersox said the bridge has not yet reopened to traffic. It’s not yet clear how much damage the island suffered during the hurricane.”

It may have been no Frederic, but I still daren’t even hope for the cottage. The island itself was evacuated Tuesday. 25 people apparently stayed on the island, but no one we know. I know everyone’s safe, but its still something you like to hear. ::sigh::