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Happy Lazy Days

Not even worth an update, really. Right now is just…. nice.

I’ve been slowly whipping my SDF shell into shape, making use of the free webspace it provides (not that I need it =P). I’m setting up a Japanese sandbox, in the hopes that pretty pages will encourage me to update will encourage me to practice and study =P

The tomatoes are slowly ripening; dad gave us 3 from his garden the other day, and there are another half dozen in ours which will be ready to pick this weekend. Happy.

Slow but steady progress on the library. Still no where near enough shelves, still too many boxes to be unpacked, but in the process of futzing I’ve managed to rearrange things enough that it seems remarkably less crowded in there. And it looks like progress. Happy happy.

We’ve been getting up early this week, to get our bike ride in before it gets dark. If we go all the way down Moore, and then cross King at Union or John, I can get onto the trail without having to actually walk up any hills. We then bike back up to Victoria, for breakfast at City Cafe (fresh bagels and croissants). Happy happy happy.

I love my Rosie (nee Hawaii). Everyone in town seems to have memories of old cruiser bikes their parents or grandparents had back when. Warm fuzzies all around.

Now waiting for N—we’re off to IKEA, which sounds much more fun than trying to debug someone’s photo gallery script by email. (Please! Just let me see the code itself!!)