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Loved My Artemisia

Okay, so maybe I never got around to planting her. But she was in a good sized pot, easy to move around, while I decided where she’d look best.

And I petted her everyday on my way to the car.


Every day, that is, until some dirty stinking cowardly hooligan went and stole her from the backyard!


Waltzed right into the backyard and just took her.

I could handle it in the front yard. I mean, someone just taking something is always a bit of an unhappy squick. but at least the front yard is something like public. Its in full view, so you expect people to see, and maybe covet, your pretty pretty things. You hope the neighbourhood is civilized enough that it doesn’t go beyond your neighbour driving down to the Hoe Depot, and buying his own silver mound. But you can understand the temptation of finding in plain sight.

But the back yard! That’s personal. Protected. Taking the plant was petty (I know rare/expensive plant thefts are rising, but this was cheap. HD had dozens!); what really squicks me is the idea of someone in my backyard to begin with.

‘scuse, I need to take a shower now.