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You Mean, There’s a Better Way to Do This??

I’ve realized for quite a while now that enjoying sewing is not at all the same as knowing what you’re doing. And for the most part, that’s been okay.

Not having a sewing machine of my own means that most projects I’ve picked have been on the “quick-and-easy” side. Skirts, and pull over dresses with simple lines. I know enough to read the pattern first, but frequently not enough to understand quite what they’re trying to tell me. But as long as I can visual what its supposed to look like, it eventually comes together.

See above about skirts and simple dresses ^_–

What little I do know in the way of actual technique comes from my mother, who doesn’t sew any more, never enjoyed it in the first place, and so only acquired a passing knowledge of what was involved. Everything that she knows came from her mother. She was taught to sew when she was 12.

Things have changed since then. Go figure.

Take zippers, for instance. I generally know how to put one in. Sew bottom closure, press open the seams, pin the zipper onto the wrong side, and wrestle with the sewing machine foot. Sometimes I’ll skip that last part, and just sew ‘em by hand ^^;

And then they came out with these invisible zippers. Fine toothed, with the slider on the underside. Pretty marvey things, if you ask me. Only no one ever mentioned that you don’t put them in like normal zippers.

And so I’ve been sewing my bottom closer, pressing open my seams, pinning the zipper in place, and wrestling with the sewing machine foot. Its actually not half bad—the zipper is still largely hidden, although you can still see the stitching.

Picked up a zipper for the top I’m making for S&C’s reception, and the sale girl asks, “Do you need a zipper foot?”

Zipper foot???


So there’s actually a sewing machine attachment for these things. You get to leave the seam open, and the roller on the foot guides the needle flush along side the zipper coil. Perfect, with no stitching in sight.

It really does beg a question ^^;;