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I Detect Too Much Tech

C has returned ^^ Which means:

  1. We’ve been snogging not-quite-like bunnies
  2. There is real food in the house

Because despite what trendy cookbooks say, cooking for one is the pits. Its been reconstituted soup and toast for weeks. To contrast, it was rib eye with a tomato & watermelon salad last night, home-made curry the night before, and before that? Smoked salmon.

Oh yes.

Otherwise, puttering around the house, organizing in slow-motion.

That part is not so new.

And best of all ::drum roll:: rebuilding Hiiro. Its been since ever, and I am an emerge whore. Clean new filesystems make me happy like new email accounts and presents under the tree.

No wait, that’s no best of all.

Best of all is Rosie! Not the original [Rosie], which is much too white, even if it is a pretty pearlescent white. And not the expected [Twiggy], who was both not available when we went in (wait until tomorrow? You must be mad!) and a good $150-ish more. No, my new Rosie is actually Hawaii. She’s not so pretty in the pictures, I don’t think. And she doesn’t have the pretty-pretty tires of Betty, which by all rights she should (I wonder if I can upgrade?). But she is still a gorgeous pearlescent pink (which even the bike-geek-boys were drooling over. That’s some magic paint they’ve got in those Electra factories), and the flower decals are cheerful things. Especially if I can remove the part that says “Hawaii.” She comes with the 3-speed kit, which unfortunately means black grips, rather than the usual. The seat’s an odd two-toned, which the jury is still out on. Its not the normal Hawaii seat, and it seems to me that if you wanted to go two-toned, shouldn’t the top be the white? Less hot to sit on, and all. ^^;; I’d like to add either white or pink (or both?!) streamers. Electra makes white leather, but no pink, so the internal debate rages. And…. a quick release white wire basket for the front ^^

Pictures of my Rosie, once camera is located =)~