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Feets Don’t Fail Me Now

After a very brief fling of putting gratuitious links in a microblog category, I’ve tossed the idea, and implemented Infozo’s sideblog plugin instead. I’ve played with it before, never with any notable success. Why it works now, I don’t question. I just look at the spiffy links, and be happy.

I’ve also added Todd Larason’s seemore plugin, which is a bit like Livejournal’s lj-cut, though a little less useful. It allows me to truncate long posts on the aggregated pages, providing a “Read More” link to the full entry on the post’s individual page. Should make it easier to skip of the expected tedium =P

In the ‘behind-the-scenes’ front, I’ve also added Rael’s entries_index, which allows me to go back and edit previous entries without altering the timestamp. I had been using a back script which kept track of the original timestamp, opened the file in the vi for editing, and then touch(1)’ed it back to the original date. Which worked, but I could never remember to edit using the script, rather than using vi directly ^^;;