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I’m looking for a new theme. Or more specifically, new borders. For the past year, I’ve been using the wireframe E16 theme almost exclusively, and it really is about perfect. Minimalist, with all the functionality I need tucked inside of r- l- and m-clicking. Transparent fills keep everything clean looking, and I’m a happy girl.

Buts its been over a year now, and things grow old. You know? Boring. I’ve been trying new themes out lately. The problem, of course, is that knowing nothing about how themes are put together (and not particularly interested in learning at the moment), none of them are quite right, and I’m not about to tweak them so they are.

The OSX-like Aqua is pretty-pretty, but does terrible, unspeakable things to my epplets. Worse, it places some sort of taskbar at the bottom of the window, with icons to all sorts of applications which I don’t have installed, let alone use.

Etec Hydro is a funky sorta industrial-looking thing, which is fine for a day or two. But after living with wireframe for so long, it feels much too heavy.

I just installed cronoc, which is almost—so close!—perfect. The borders themselves are even more discrete than wireframe’s. Double-middle-clicking toggles the window shading as it should. The fonts are tiny and clear. Weird things happen with both my pager box and the icon box, but that’s usually the case anyway –_–;;

Giddy with success, I proceed to look for new wallpaper to try behind my new borders…… But what’s this? When I hover my mouse over a wallpaper, it disappears from the selection menu. Permanently. I thought perhaps some wacky refresh problem. But re-opening the backgrounds menu doesn’t redraw the thumbnail. An empty spot remains where the thumbnail was, but selecting the empty spot doesn’t have any effect.

Restarting englightenment does redraw all of the background thumbnails, but again the same problem.


So very close to perfect happiness!