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Can a Frog Save the World?

I ::heart:: frog style.

And no, I don’t entirely know what that means. But kittyboy sure does.

Frog Style comes courtesy of K. In this case, its one of those magical capsules—small plastic containers which pop apart to reveal treasure. How can you go wrong?

He’s a hideous bright green, and shaped like his name-sake. You know, kinda… froggy. A smirking, fat frog.

If I’m reading the illustrated instructions correctly, when I push his tummy, he should vibrate with an enthusiastic “pakai!” Of course, I’m never reading the illustrated instructions correctly, and in this case it really means “pry my top and bottom halves apart, you dolt!”.

Dutifully, I pry, eager for treasures.

Puffy frog style stickers!! =D

A beaded key-chain fastener, just in case I wanted a rather large, alarmingly green fat smirking frog of a keychain.

And…. a small black bag, that’s been taped shut (with many, no doubt, helpful kanji). It makes a pleasant sound when you shake it, being filled with many small hard things. I open the bag to determine that the small hard things are irregular-shaped, and multi-coloured. Like candy! Or that bubblegum we used to get as kids, which tasted like stale chicklets!

I pop a few in my mouth.

And realize that at times like this, it really would be helpful to learn Japanese. Or at least pull out the dictionary now and then –_–;;

Not candy.

or bubblegum.

Rather toxic-tasting hard plastic bits, which upon closer inspection, look like…. perhaps the plastic seams which have been chipped and scraped off of finished capsules and other toys. I’m not sure why they choose to include these, but I bet that there bit of tape contains a very helpful explanation.

Perhaps I’m supposed to fill my fat, smirking frog with these bits, so that he’ll rattle as I walk down the street with him on my keychain.

In fact, that sounds like a smashing idea, and so I do.

This is when I discover that there’s a small hole at the bottom of my fat smirking frog. Not quite small enough to catch all of the little bits of plastic, mind you.

So now the kitties can partake of the small, hard, toxic tasting bits as well.

For piccies of much Frog Style goodness (but not mine—waha! He’s all mine!!), please consult here.

p.s. ::hee:: I had to create a new category for this. =)~