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Encyclopedic Love

When I was a kid, I remember my folks having a plant field guide. It was a thick, short thing, with lightly laminated pages and a plastic cover. I think it was bright green. The sort of thing you could take hiking in the bush, or out to the garden or nursery, to help you identify plants. The plants were organized first by basic type, and then by leaf or petal shape. There was a small picture of the shape in the top outer corner of each page. So if you had a mystery plant, all you had to do was flip through the book until you found something that looked like your leaf, and from there you could skim the entries until you found your plant. I little like looking kanji up by radicals I suppose.

It was a marvellous marvellous thing.

And now that we’ve inherited the garden of many mysteries, I thought that this would be the perfect reference. Off to Chapters I trek (with a brief detour through City Cafe for a load of sourdough raison bread. Sourdough and raisons! Oh my ^^), to peruse their many many shelves.

I fell in love with many Canadian Garden Encyclopedias, and Canadian Plant Encyclopedias (which must be put on the wishlist, but not a single thing which didn’t assume you already knew what your plant was called.


I can’t believe such a beast doesn’t exist. Am I the only would-be gardener who can’t identify everything growing in her world?

So I bought a book on PHP Game Programming instead ^^;;