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The Bachelor Brothers’ Bed & Breakfast

by Bill Richardson

“Now is the time for all good men to take to their beds and read Hardy,” he muttered as he headed off to his room with a copy of Jude the Obscure under his arm and our cat, Waffle, on his head. His posture was exemplary.

ISBN:           0-312-17183-8
Publisher:      At. Martin's Press (1996)
Collection:     Bookcrossing
                (from AmberLee17)
Acquired/Read:  2004-02-23/2004-02-24

This is a gem. Cozy and whimsicle, and full of cat-loving, book-loving sweetness, lists and poems and charming stories, oh my. I had especially been looking forward to this book, because Bill Richardson has been on a short writing sabattical from Sad Goat since Christmas. Where was I to get my fix while he was away?