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by Judy Blume

Dear Santa, Please bring me one or more of the following items. A clock-radio, a remote-controlled model airplane, a laptop computer, an MP3 player and six CD’s. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Peter W. Hatcher.

ISBN:           0-965-46139-4 
Publisher:      Dutton (1980)
Collection:     Personal Library
                (from CBotMC)
Acquired/Read:  2004-03-10/2004-03-24


I have very fond memories of this book. Judy Blume in general, the continuing adventures of Peter, Shiela, the whole lot of them. And when I buy a reissue, there are some things which I expect. Changing the cover art is disconcerting, but I can adapt. But to actually go through the story, and change the text, in stupid little ways, because kids today may not know what a casette is? Heaven forbid they have to look a word up, or ask a teach or parent.