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Many Things With Many Things…

CBC’s much lauded, long anticipated summer schedule has finally graced the airwaves. Are you excited? I’m excited. Its been agonizing weeks without Bill Richardson to fill my afternoons, and his new program Bunny Watson is almost enough to make it for it. Yesterday’s premiere, incidently, will be in the jukebox shortly.

Bunny Watson is Audrey Hepburn ::swoon::, a smart-talking, quick-thinking librarian in Desk Set. She navigates the world by finding the common thread which connects one thing to everything else. A sort of “six degrees” game which the entire world can join.

Richardson takes a similar approach with this show, picking a random topic at the beginning, and then seeing where it leads through songs, old newspaper articles, interviews, popular culture in all its glory. The weirder the better. The shtick is not unlike Sad Goat, but with a more relaxed programming schedule, and the opportunity to pre-record and polish each episode before it airs, we get a more focused, pure hit of Richardson. I definitely like ^^