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Love You Long Time

A trip to Home Despot yesterday, in hope of a reasonably priced kitchen clock (ha!). No luck there, but their garden center was a bit of a treat. Several lovely (if a bit sparse) Oleander looking out of place this far north. Hens and Chicks were showing up in their “living carpet” section, allegedly enduring “heavy traffic”. Judging by the number of plants remaining, I wasn’t the only skeptic.

They had a trailing thyme listed as well, which is probably what I want, but no plants in site. We have tyme along the curb in the front, which is lovely, if in need of some help, or at least more company.

I did buy a “2 gallon perennial”, which was a lush silver-green and thoroughly pettable. Soft as Stupid’s fur! I would name it George, and love it and squeeze it. Maybe I would even occassionally water it.

I bought it.

There was no name, but a tag did proclaim that if I planted it now, it would bloom in the Spring. The back of the tag explained that in this case “Spring” meant “August-September.”

Walking through the store, everyone I passed stopped to pet my perrenial. Its not as awkward as you might think, having strangers stop you in the aisle, asking if they can touch your plant. I tell myself, ‘at least they do ask first.’ And one was even able to identify it for me—silver mound. ::piku::

My fuzzy baby sits on the front step, now, waiting for inspiration to hit.

Hit me, that is, although if it hits my silver mound first ::cough:: I’m happy to let it plant itself.

Front yard or back is a complicated question, ya know ^^;;

A quick google hit reveals that I have a Artemisia Schmidtiana, which is genially related to wormwood and to mugwort. That explaims the aroma (almost minty, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.)

Nature Hills has the picture which looks most like my plant. Its supposed to be drought tolerant (I can forget to water it =P), does well in poor soil (I haven’t tested our soil yet ^^;), doesn’t spread but can be divided into clumps in the spring or fall, cuttings take, likes full or partial sun, and like that. Zone 4+.