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Violet & Claire

by Francesca Lia Block

“Eating flowers? You’re getting as weird as me. I told you you were a faerie.”

ISBN:           0-06-446253-1
Publisher:      HarperCollins (1999)
Collection:     Bookcrossing
                (from GirlWithCamera)
Acquired/Read:  2004-02-12/2004-02-18

Ms. Block easily ranks among my 10 top most frequently re-visited authors. Stories like Ecstasia and the Weetzie Bat books capture, better than memory, what it was like to be desperately alive and in love, before we grew up and the world turned mundane. Violet & Claire should have sparkled, but somehow it didn’t. She captures that adolescent voice, perhaps too well. The novel ends up reading like an old high school diary—idealized and self-important, interesting only to the narrator.