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Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

As I’ve already mentioned to many (mentioned? Nay, squee’d!), HRDC increased the weekly benefits being payed out to people in the Self Employment program. By some $114/week. Retroactive-like. All the way back to last November!

As is not my usual luck, I somehow got overlooked during the whole rigamarole. Not my usual luck, because the net effect is, rather than having my weekly allowance increased by a useful but not overwhelming bit these past months, I now get a whopping big check! Some $3660 just appeared, all magic-like, in my bank account this morning!

I wants to buy an iBook.

And a new fridge.

Or a camera.

Or a plane ticket to Japan.


But what I’m going to do is pay off a student loan, and save the rest for impending lack of fundage.

Well, or maybe that new fridge =P it is awfully shiny, and calls to me at night. “I have many shelves,” it sings.