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Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad.

And just like that, I do again.

Today is all about procrastination, but even I’m not quite that clever.

As I was saying, procrastination, and bonding with my new vacumm cleaner. (And no, L, that doesn’t make me a grown up =P)

What I should be doing is making a little traffic-monitoring app, which will track how many photo’s an anonymous surfer has downloaded, and then splash annoying “send us money if you want to see more” banners once they’ve hit a certain limit. Yes, its for a porn site. No, its not my own. Shush.

its also completely failing to capture my interest at the moment.

Likewise invoicing.

Likewise paypal intgration schemes.

Now, making big noises and watching cathair whirl and disappear up a long plastic hose? That’s something that I can really get into =P And maybe making a mango shake.