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Everything You Bring Me Got Me Dripping Like a Honeycomb

31C, which in that unfriendly way Ontario has, manages to sufficate more than 42C in Tucson did. Demon, thy name is… humidity? Familiarity? Storm windows? What is it?

But the Irises are spilling all over the walk, and the Kitchener Farmer’s Market has finally opened. So summer is not all cruel.

Oh happy market!

Its a half hour walk, perfectly south, which takes us right through downtown. This means, on the way we can stop at the bank, at the coffee bar, and catch up on the latest core gossip. On the way back, we can stop at New City, a surprisingly airy Vietnamese/Chinese grocery. They have BBQ Quail for a $1.75, and soup-filled steamed buns. Further down, is the Korean-Japanese Market, with home made kimchee, and maesil sarang (plum juice). It takes like candy! And, if we’re not in too much of a rush, the K-W Book Exchange. Mountains of used books and international magazines ::swoon::

But, the market. I didn’t want to be happy. After all, they drove our favourite Vietnamese restaurant out of town. But I am. Driving to the St. Jacob’s Market was such a production (even if that is ‘where mum always went’.) And the new Kitchener is… well, it’s nice. Maybe not quite as big (yet, anyway), but the outside produce is covered, and inside, there are vaulted ceilings. Everything is bright and new and friendly, and they’ve even got Glen Soulis (maker of damn good pizzas) playing the fiddle.

I need this. For PC, onegai? I’ve got a RadioTrack card, but no slot available for it. Apparently D-Link released a USB FM Radio Device a couple years back, but they are no longer making them. Sometimes, life is too cruel ;_;