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I May Be a Bitch, but I'll Never Be a Butch

“Genuine icewine must follow VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) regulations.”

Eh, what? The auction is for a German icewine.

VQA is an Appellation of Origin system—a way of helping consumers identify traditional wines in Ontario, made of grapes from the Niagara Peninsula, Pelee Island, or the lake Erie North Shore (and more importantly, their associated terroir). Sure, they have some things to say about how those applicable vintners produce their icewine, which variety of grapes can be used in so doing etc. , and those regulations very likely match up with conventional icewine making practices elsewhere. However, a German icewine is never going to be VQA, and its absurd to try to think of them in those terms.

How about Qualitatswein mit Predicat? Does this icewine meet those regulations?