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Are You Bad Like the Man Who's Been Knocking You Down?

Michael Moore annoys the bajeebas out of me.

There. I’ve said it.

Just back from Super Size Me . Watched it with a bunch of “runners” (health conscious, athletic, sure, but also reasonably intelligent and media savvy folk), and afterwards they’re all a-rave.

Amazing! Disturbing! Sure makes you think!

Actually, not so much.

Over-dramatized pablum fed to the choir.

We know that McDonalds isn’t healthy; that it makes you feel like crap. Remember, that’s why we don’t eat there. Addictive? Hasn’t that been the suspicion for years?

The fact that we’re already critical of the fast food industry is precisely why the movie is interesting to us in the first place.

And while the opportunity to see what an exclusively McDonald’s diet can do to an otherwise healthy body in just 1 month is interesting, the results weren’t terribly surprising, the conclusions half-baked (I felt like I was watching an episode of ::twitch:: Myth Busters), and the presentation felt more like propaganda than an objective study.

Oh right. This wasn’t objective, it was mass media.

That’s my biggest complaint, actually. I felt manipulated.

Morgan Spurlock may be nice on the eyes, but he spends far too much time telling us how disgusted we should with the fast food industry, as though afraid if left to our own conclusions, we might not be.