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Happy Thoughts

Actually, lost them.

Not that I’m sad. Just tired, and stressed, and maybe, just maybe, a little but drunk.

Hendrick’s, doncha know. (And if you don’t, you should).

Clothes packed. Sorta. And books. In theory. Those “toiletries” things.

“Proper care and feeding of babykins” posted to the fridge. Complete with pictures.

Clients appraised.

Passport found.

eTickets printed off.

In theory, that’s all we need to be ready.


Nothing ever feels ready.

But 14 days in Tucson, complete with the Ugly Dress Party, is so much needed.

And Mexico.

By way of LA, by way of Chicago, by way of Buffalo.


Oh! Happy thought found. We’ve finally found a place to keep the Canadian Tire money (a proud tradition since 1958).

And happy Golden Week, all ^^