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C’s perfecting his caesar this evening, that Great Canadian Drink. This one with Pickapeppa Sauce, that one with Worcestershire. (And if you pronounce it wor-cester-shire, I may smack you.) Plenty of pepper, but never quite enough celery salt.

I always wondered how Americans lived without Clamato, but in Tucson, there it was after all. On the shelves. With different, scenic labels, and spanish copy which doesn’t even remotely match up to anything I know. But still, not a caesar to be found.

Its tragic.

Where (or “we’re”, in spell-check land) organizing The Office ™ this evening. Shelves up, but no pretty-making (damned plaster walls, and fickle minds). For those who care, (i.e., my mother & I), here is our progress (no pictures at time of posting, but soon… soon).

So I bought some Alouette Crème de Brie, and some Wellington Traditional Water Crackers, and I had them for dinner, and I felt like a snob all by my little old lonesome self.

It’s random, but ugh. Aloutte is white cheese whiz. I had already planned a rant (the promise of “100% brie without the rind”, and the bitter bitter realty), but this has put me right off.

Do I always talk food?

Why not. A quiz that matters, from a nifty guy.

On the new music front, Jill Barber is sweet, and Shuffle Demons are finally reuniting at the end of the month. We’ll be there. Will you?

I’m digging the concept of proper RDBMS for mail spools, over flatfile. When grepping your inbox makes sense, its time to move on –_–;;


And shying from the news.