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Speaking of Porto Kopke Colheita

So much better.

Back for 3 days; haven’t slept in 4. The world’s starting to get that crinkly, burnt look about the edges.

And oddly enough, everything’s upside down.

There is an older couple standing in the middle of my front yard. They point in one direction. Shrug. Another. Smile. Another. Quizzical looks. Now they’re bending down to look at something more closely.

The lawn is completely covered in violets (who here can remember to mow grass?). Very pretty, in full bloom right now. But there’s really not much to study. Lots of dark green leaves, and dark purple blossoms.

And dandelions.

While we were away, the cats progressed from suspicious cordiality to civil warfare. They destroyed my new floors, toppled furniture, and peed on not quite all the boxes.

Their voices have changed as well. I used to know them each by meow. Its a little thing; you don’t really think much of it. But they all sound… different.

I’ve begun asking about sedatives for cats.


Tucson was hot.

I mean really, expletively hot.

And the fact that its a dry heat doesn’t make it better. The sweat dries off your skin before its had a chance to cool you down.

But it was a very druggy, lazy heat, which is perfect for staying at B&B’s on someone else’s tab, and not having to drive yourself anywhere.

I’m beginning to miss that.

Add several hours in a hot tub and a few bottles of wine to the mix, and it becomes downright transcendental.

I don’t actually remember that night, but I hear it was very nice.

The wedding was beautiful, the guests well behaved, the food scrumptious, everyone dazzling in their tuxes and shiny shoes. All that jazz.

Back has been less so. Everyone is a mood, and it turns out its expletively hot here as well. But without the air conditioning.

I have an mbox which, when accessed, looked at with appending or deleting gleams of eye, touched in any way, quite thoroughly crashes the server. It only took 4 times before the coincidence hit—nothing gets logged, and you have to be doing something when it crashes. Why not saving email? Thank you, reiserfs. Sorry, everyone else.

C has an array which is going through WD drives like chicklets. In the past month, going on 6 brand stinking new drives have spontaneously failed.

Some days, goat herding in Australia doesn’t look so bad ^_^