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"Why Can't Any of My Friends Be Illiterate?"

All last week, it was torrential. Flood-like. Sunday, it snowed. But Saturday… Saturday was everything a spring day should be. Brilliant and clear. High of 12 (was that all?) On moving day, I’ll find an omen in that ^_–

And it went well.

I mean, really well.

Moves are never that smooth.

We got done everything I wanted done before Saturday. Bedroom painted, including the ceiling? Check. Kitchen scraped, patched, and primed? Check. Clutter in back room moved out to make way for boxes? Check. All of the baseboards and trim back on the wall? Check. Fridge and kitchen cabinets scoured? Check. Floors mopped and de-plastered? Well, not before Saturday, but friend C snuck over during the pre-move coffee-and-chatter to safely ferry the electronic equipment, and mopped while he was at it. Have I mentioned lately what a dear?

And he’s not the only one. L previously held the less intimate title of “client” (not even “friend”) until, upon learning what we were up to, insisted on pulling 3 midnight shifts last week (coming over long after we’d crashed for the night) to patch and sand the kitchen. And patch and sand and patch and sand and patch and sand. We’d taken it down to raw plaster, which was terribly soft (clay-like), and badly gouged. 4 rounds of patching to get those walls smooth again. We now speak of L with starry gazes, looking for appropriate gifts to bear.

And really, everyone was fabulous. R&L for giving up their last 3 weekends for us, even though they’ve been neck-deep in their own renovations; helping to paint and clean and generally keeping me sane. B&B for getting the finishing touches on the office out of the way, before the move. Miscellaneous carpentry. Not to mention B2’s help with electrical. M1 for helping me tackle the kitchen and windows which haven’t been cleaned in over 2 years, as well as the last minute packing frenzy.

There were 9 of us for the move. 10 if you count M1, who stayed at the house, cleaning the kitchen (again) and cooking dinner for us. 11 if you count C’s brother who just happened to show up as we were unloading the first truck-load, and chipped in for a couple hours.

2-½ loads from Le Petit Avocado plus another load from M1’s basement.

And at over 74 paper boxes of books (all in one place for the first time ^^) we finally know who has the larger combined library =P

And every last one of them carried up stairs. Friends are marvellous things.

On the other hand, I just discovered the Mac Plus and the Bocce ball set shoved under the tub.

My cutlery was hidden in the bedroom closet.

There’s a rubber ball wedged in the furnace.

And all of the boxes have been relabelled.

I’ve spent all morning looking for the “Important Paperwork” box, and have instead found the following:

  • live chickens
  • dead chickens
  • stuffed chickens
  • chicken flu
  • ride on vibrator
  • wet body parts
  • steel drum band
  • SARS
  • fragile, decorative spleens
  • welding supplies
  • pinatas
  • more pinatas
  • raku’s gimp

and so on.

Plus a dozen boxes promising porn inside. I’ve been disappointed every time.

Lunch was a couple of deli trays from Vincenzo’s. The artichoke & asiago spread is worth committing minor felony for.

Dinner was Chicken & Sausage Gumbo (received by rave reviews—having a Southern mother pays off some days ^^), with much beer and wine and merriment. At least I had much beer and wine and dimly heard merriment as I faded out of coherency.

Second to the joy of a move well made, I’m glad that everyone got along so well. We don’t do large social events so much these days, and friends tend to get lumped into different, isolated circles. These are raku’s old school friends. These are C’s friends from biking. And so forth. All dear people to us, friendships which have grown beyond their activity-driven beginnings, but there’s still rarely opportunity to pull everyone together. And I always worry when it does happen. But I needn’t.

Now we’re unpacking slowly, enjoying quiet “our house” moments, and best of all, watching the cats adjust. Which is a post in itself =P

‘yasumi. I sleep.