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Another Remuddling Update

After 3 straight days of sanding I’ve decided it’s easier to redefine “good enough” than to have paint-free floors.

No less than 5 different colours of paint layered on the bedroom floors. The library came in at 3, which still seems a trifle insane.

But if not all piney-shiny new-like, at least they have character. Which means lots more to a 110-ish year old house. I hope.

And the brown sanded down to a purpley-bruise, which had I known about, I probably would have paid extra for.

$200 in sandpaper, and another $100 for the equipment rental. For the record.

Friend C was down on Saturday, sweeping and mopping, and generally reshaping the big picture into something less of a mess. Bless his heart, I can now walk through the downstairs without reaching for the smelling salts.

B was down Sunday & Monday, patching plaster and painting trim. Like magic I don’t have to work at, things are slowly getting done.

New on the horizon is a bed! C’s been working with a company who does custom iron work. Mostly crazy server racks of mind-boggling dimensions. We figure for a couple hundred, they should be able to put together a basic king sized frame. Nothing welded (bolts for easy moving), with modular components which can be added over time, and moved around. Then over the next several years, posts and curtain frames, restraint hardware, decorative bits, all built in. No more eye bolts in the wall for this girl!