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They Call Me Mellow Yellow...

Nothing but relaxing this evening.

A couple bottles of drinkable Riesling, a table full of sushi, a boy who’s rushed off unexpectedly to a client’s, and company that’s running late.

Currently, I’m watching the dashi boil itself away to sweet smelling froth. Its over there, I’m over here, and it doesn’t feel so important after all. No one’s coming for the soup anyway. I’m pretty sure.

Other than that, car drama continues a-pace. The car was never actually missing, and my insurance adjustor is an idiot. There’s a reason my premiums are so low. ^^;;

We’ve set a moving date for April 3, with chicken gumbo and Waterloo Dark as the bribe; RSVP to the usual place. My goal for the 3rd has gone from having the office, dining room, kitchen & bedroom finished, wiring replaced, walls re-plastered, the insulation replaced and floors refinished to please, powers that be, please let the place be clean! And the evil cat removed.

((Anyone want a cat? She sprays, pees all over the place, and doesn’t integrate well with people, but is otherwise quite enthusiastic))

Actually, that’s unfair. The wiring has been replaced (at $5000 less than people said it would take. I do love friends), and downtown Kitchener is now a safer place. The floors will be refinished by the end of this week. And at the very least, all of the stipple will be painstakingly removed from the kitchen walls. But beyond that… I daren’t pear into the glass.

Sadly, that really is all. It continues cold these days. Snowing in fits, and gusty like nobody’s business.

I still don’t have my Permanent Resident’s card. But that’s a boring rant.

My sister is a crazy bride. But that’s a boring rant.

Consumer Update.

I bought a Hello Kitty microwave, which makes me giddy beyond all decency, even if it doesn’t sing. Its so pink, they had to put that on the receipt.

So does the new litter box, although that’s hardly fit. Make me giddy, I mean.

I won’t mention the softpaws, except to say Stupid’s claws have never been prettier.

Purple, for the curious.

An Electra Rosie Cruiser is waiting in the wings, for tax refund-bliss, or service trade with XX Cycles, whichever comes first. And if you don’t think that makes me weak in the knees, you are sadly mistaken.

That’s it for the Consumer Update.

And apparently this post.